Tournament Obligations

This document explains the obligations for each tournament participant:
           •    Abide by the USGA “Rules of Golf”
•    There are no “mulligans” or “gimmies.” In case of a lost ball, declare and play a “provisional” through the hole unless the original ball is found, which then should be played. Always complete each hole, with the ball finally in the cup.
•    In the event of a potential rule interpretation, go ahead and play two balls through the hole, with an explanation to the Tournament Chair following the round.
•    Please maintain a pace of play by keeping up to the group ahead of you. If you fall behind and the tournament group behind you is pushing you, please let them play through.
Please note that once you sign up for a tournament, you are financially obligated to pay the tournament fee. As long as we are charged by the course, we must collect from you. We do, however, negotiate with the course and will reimburse your tournament fee if possible (i.e., as long as we do not lose money).

In case of rain, you are encouraged to call the course the day of the tournament to see if the course is playable. If the course is playable, we must play or forfeit our tournament fee. If the course declares that it is unplayable (e.g., generally standing water on the greens), they should reimburse our tournament fee; in that case, we will either return your tournament payment or give credit to rescheduling of that or another tournament.